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Blogs Roundup

  • Peter is almost done with his second book!
  • Peter also gives us another perspective on all of the government over-reach scandals.  I’m beginning to believe the theory of “death by a thousand cuts”.  And I think I’m going to rephrase Marx to say “To each according to his ability, from each according to his desire”, but then again I can’t be the first to think of that.
  • The Firearms Blog talks about lightweight AR-15 lowers.  It might be just me, but I’ve never considered the AR-15 a heavy gun to carry or shoot.  Carry around an M-1 Garand or a 91/30  for a couple of days, and that AR almost floats.
  • OldNFO does a good job laying out the pattern of misconduct.  Not going to say that other presidents wouldn’t have the same sort of laundry list, though.
  • I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but Dan Carlin has an interesting spin on how long things have been getting bad.  I especially like how he connects bad actors today with bad actors of yesteryear.  Sometimes they’re one and the same.
  • Nancy R. has been busy.  I can never let Irish Woman read her blog, because she doesn’t need ideas for new projects.
  • Auntie J is having one of those days.  I suggest an early bedtime and some bourbon.
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  1. I carried an M16A2 for a year in A-stan(National Guard, gotta love it). It’s not that heavy. One of the NCO’s I worked with lugged a SAW. He wins.

  2. I would have taken your prescription without question, if I hadn’t spent the rest of the night doing more laundry. Going on vacation is almost as much work as staying home!

    • Heck, I could have told you that. I’m taking vacation next week to take the family to the family reunion / campout, and I know I would have worked less at my job.

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