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Blogs Roundup

  • Borepatch does an excellent job in explaining that no matter how often or hard they try, the government just can’t keep freely available information from being free to propagate itself to the far corners of the world once it’s let loose.
  • Couldn’t have said it better myself, Crush.
  • Stephen is one heck of a good man.
  • I wish I’d written this.
  • Holly Chism has a new book out, “The Last Pendragon“.  It’s a real page turner, and I pretty much read it in one sitting.  She has a couple of sample chapters up, but the whole book is definitely worth the price of admission. I’m working a real review, but in the mean time, go on over and have a look.
  • Carteach reminds me that I need to get Girlie Bear and me into an Appleseed clinic.
  • NancyR is holding an event to get young shooters and their families into shooting.  It’s an excellent idea.  I’ll have to see what I can do to steal the idea from her.
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  1. Thank you for the kind comment…but really, I just play the part.


  2. Lazy Bike Commuter

     /  May 11, 2013

    We definitely need to get to an Appleseed too. I think the only thing Iack is a set of swivels for my 10/22. Maybe someday extra magazines will be available again. …and ammo.


    • I thought to buy a few extra 10/22 ten rounders when I got the rifle. I wish I’d bought more excess .22, though. I’m OK, but I have to be wise about what I shoot.


  3. Do it, they are well worth the effort DB, and good family time too!!!


  4. You’re right Stephen is a lovely man. I enjoy reading his blog regularly. And thanks for the link to Borepatch – good article there too (probably should add him to my blogroll).


  5. Thank you for the link and recommendation–and the review on Amazon. You, sir, are awesome.


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