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Blogs Roundup

  • Both SANS and CERT have advice on the latest Java vulnerabilities.  It’s kind of tech-geeky, but you ought to disable Java on your browser.  If you don’t know how to do that, there are plenty of how-to’s out there.  You know how to do immediate corrective actions, field strip,  and clean your guns, so why not learn to do the same thing to your computer?
  • Tooldtowork has noticed something that I’ve been seeing:  A lot of people who were uninterested in firearms and self-defense are beginning to think that maybe that Louisville Slugger under the bed might not be the best tool they could use to protect hearth and home.
  • We have a twofer from Donald Sensing.  First, he points out that few people care when 25 poor or non-alabaster people lose their lives over a weekend, but the whole world seems to fall in when it happens in their back yard to suburban kids.  He also points out how a large proportion of our violent crime is done by criminals against criminals.  He has a brilliant idea for a bit of civil disobedience.  I’d suggest removing the spring and follower from the magazine before going to Washington and leaving them in Virginia.  No need to give anti-rights authorities an excuse.
  • Michael Z. Williamson rebuts some anti-gun platitudes in his unique style.
  • I will point at Peter’s experience at a gun show recently as a reason I won’t be attending one until all this blows over.
  • Kathy points out something important – A good instructor teaches a student what they already know but don’t know they know, and an excellent instructor learns as much from the student as they learn from the instructor.


  1. derfreiheit

     /  January 13, 2013

    Re: Java – What a fecking nightmare. I’m a Java software engineer and I run Macs (because work pays for them). My software depends on Java 6 and there was a bit of a dust up when I caught my wife downloading Java 7 onto a laptop I use for work.

    We’d update things at work to Java 7 but with J7 under our appserver plus JPA we could very easily screw ourselves for weeks of work dicking around with the update for no real benefit.


    • I’ve seen similar things from other people. What I tell people is to stay at a major release until they either have to move for software reasons or Oracle stops supporting the release they’re on. It’s dangerous to stay on code that’s not getting security fixes, but migrating up is always a royal pain. And that comes from a big proponent of “patch early, patch often” when it comes to the OS.


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