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Repost – Oh Really?

This was originally posted on December 8, 2009


Senator “Dingy” Harry Reid has compared Republicans and others who oppose his healthcare plan to people who wanted to keep slavery and opposed civil rights legislation.

OK, let’s take a moment to reflect on the actual history:

Which party went to war in 1861 rather than see the Union split permanently between free and slave territories?  That’s right, theRepublicans.

Which party actively worked against the country during the Civil War and would have negotiated a peace with the Confederacy if they’d been able to win the presidency in 1864?  That’s right, the Democrats.

Who pushed through amendments to the Constitution that not onlymade slavery illegal, but also guaranteed the rights of the former slaves?  That’s right, the Republicans.

What party was in power in the 1860′s and 1870′s and had to deal withSouthern Democrat partisans riding around in sheets and lynching black people?  That’s right, the Republicans.

Which party actively opposed civil rights legislation in the late 1950′s, even going so far as to filibuster the Senate and stand in the door to stop black students from attending white schools?  That’s right, the Democrats.

Senator Reid, before you ratchet up the rhetoric, and go beyond calling Republicans Nazi’s and such, please get your facts straight.  The Democratic party has a lot more to answer to about slavery and civil rights than the Republicans do.

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