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Our Long National Nightmare is Over

The White House has released the recipes for the two beers that are made at the executive mansion, a brown ale and a porter that are made with honey.   This piece of information completes my picture of the Obama White House, so now I can stop paying attention and leave well enough alone.  OK, maybe I’m exaggerating that one, but from the press coverage of this non-story, you’d think the cure for whatever ails you was in that ale.

Here are a few other beers that Mr. Obama should consider trying his hands at:

  • Progressive Porter
  • Liberal Lager
  • Barack’s Bock
  • Blame Bush Barley Wine
  • Michelle’s Bitter
  • White House Witbier
  • Whining Wheat
  • Hope and Change Hoppy Ale
  • Narcissist Nectar
  • Preening Pilsner
  • Socialist Stout
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