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Thought for the Evening

I’m looking at my latest bill for my arthritis medicine, and I’m pretty sure it says that a three month supply costs three unicorn tears, a baby fart captured in amber, and the still warm tooth of a Hawaiian fire gecko.  Thank goodness I have my health insurance through Merlin Mutual, a name people have trusted since Galahad was just a lad.

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  1. Mine, thankfully, is one of the ones that various stores sell for one month for $5 or 3 months for $10, although that may be about to change since my hands have taken a spike for the worse lately.


    • Unfortunately, mine is a biological, and by the time, if any, that it goes generic, I will probably be done using it and have moved onto the next uber-expensive treatment.

      Yeah, it’s a lot of money, but it beats a cain or a wheelchair.


      • Speaking as someone who owns both a cane and a walker, and uses the cane with far more frequency than I’d like, I usually choose to swallow whatever pride I have and use the cane. Of course, I’m not so much dealing with arthritis (although I’m sure I have some of that in my ankle now), but with an ankle that got broken in four places all at once, and it gets persnickety now and then. Like today. When I apparently spent too much time tromping around the water park and going down the flume too many times. (I don’t care. It was fun!)


      • Of course, I should also point out that, when I had to get the cane, I made sure I chose a snazzy mottled red/black, as opposed to boring gray. I’m awesome that way. 😉


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