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  • I want to put something inspiring up on the wall of my cubicle.  At the moment, I can’t decide if the NCO Creed or the Code of Conduct is more appropriate for work.
  • Boo is getting settled back into school.  I think his biggest challenge is finally encountering a female teacher who isn’t enchanted by him on sight.
  • Girlie Bear is getting settled into school.  She texted me the other day demanding to know how I was able to work full time, go to school full time, and spend time with and raise my children.
    • She’s working part time and going to school full time and apparently it’s a bit of a grind.
    • All I could do was chuckle and mutter “Bless her heart”.


  • House rule – Only 2/3 of us are allowed to be sick at any given time.
  • I need to have a word with my youngest son.  He had a bit of a stomach bug yesterday, and about 7 PM last night, started complaining of a headache and backache.
    • While his mother made a panicked search for the symptoms of meningitis before calling the pediatric emergency room, I interrogated examined the young man.
    • Turns out, he was dehydrated and the Tylenol had worn off, explaining the headache.  Fixed that with a glass of water and a Tylenol.
    • The backache was because he had fallen asleep on a book and the lego’s he has in his bed with him.   Fixed that with stern words about what does and does not belong in the bed
  • I was complimented on my ability to just put my head down and push through when presented with issues at work.  Only one of three times in almost half a century that being stubborn has been a good thing for me.
  • More folks need to learn the difference between “right” and “privilege”.
    • Being able to speak your mind is a right you have at birth.
    • Me listening to you is a privilege I extend to a very select number.
    • Me actually engaging with you is a miracle.


  • I’ve been asked to watch my mouth around Boo, so when I need to swear, I do it in other languages.
    • Tonight at dinner, Boo sounded off with “Bozhe moi!” and I got in trouble.
    • It means “My God!”, but I still got in trouble.
    • There may come a day when I am allowed to win, but this is not that day.
  • I’ve been listening to an audiobook of Heinlein’s “The Rolling Stones” lately.
    • It gives me a sense of Serenity during my commute.
    • Even the traffic jams are no tribble at all.
  • Apparently, a door-to-door driveway surfacing dude didn’t like it when our “big damn dog” barked at him as he came on the porch yesterday.  Irish Woman replied that she had both a big damn dog and a big damn gun.  The conversation ended quickly thereafter.
    • That, friends and neighbors, is the woman I fell in love with.
  • Boo finally convinced me to play Stratego with him this weekend.  It’s been over 30 years since I last touched that game, and we had a lot of fun.
    • It reminded me of long, cold winter days spent playing board games, arguments over who caught whom cheating, and then trying to not get choked out by my brothers while I tried to choke them out.
    • Good times, good times.


  • The last time I had to work this hard to extract information in a professional setting, I still listed “Speaks Russian” as a critical work skill.
  • I learned two things at work today:
    • First, I learned how to configure a new user in the application I’m trying to learn.
    • Second, I learned to always go to the men’s room prior to a budget meeting.
  • We went to a pre-opening evening at a new drive-in theater last night.   It was fun to sit under the stars, listen to the peepers in the trees compete with the movie, and try to stay awake after 10 PM.
  • Last weekend, I used the machete and the big honking string trimmer (The string measures as a caliber) to clear some of the overgrowth at the back of the property.  Irish Woman cautioned me to look out for snakes.  I was secretly hoping I’d find one so that I could have an excuse to not do the work.


  • Dinner tonight was deep fried meat on a stick with a couple pieces of Boo’s funnel cake for dessert.  Our entertainment was dirt track racing and some dude on a guitar singing Johnny Cash and David Allan Coe.
    • If that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your ass.
  • The difference between the state fair in Louisville and a county fair about 20 miles from home is that when I left the county fair, I still had faith in humanity and still loved my family.
  • I took Boo on his first ferris wheel ride tonight.  Little buddy was a bit nervous at first, but by the time we got off, he’d stopped threatening to throw up.  I’ll call that a win.
  • After all these years, I’m glad to know that my “I will kill you with my mind” stare works.
  • Few college kids can say that their father made them scrambled eggs with cheese and pieces of steak before going to work, but mine can.
  • Irish Woman has been trying very hard to cut down on the carbs and junk in our diet, and for the most part, it’s going well.  The other day, though, after a rather stressful day at work, I had to drive through a burger joint and get a couple of rich, salty, greasy cheeseburgers.  It was either that or play bumper cars on the freeway.


  • If his most famous act were to occur nowadays, John Wilkes Booth could probably plead not guilty due to Lincoln Anxiety Disorder.
  • If folks are worried about 3D printing of firearms, then they’ll love the documentation and instructions the government is just giving out for free.
  • All of the folks screeching in the news lately really just need an old woman, her hair up in curlers and a lit cigarette dangling from one corner of her mouth, to point a gnarled old finger at them and growl, “Don’t start shit, won’t be shit.”
  • Speaking of smoking, it appears that folks who live in federally funded housing projects are being told to not smoke in their homes and to walk a few feet away from buildings before lighting their coffin nails.  So, basically, they’re being given the same rules that folks living in military barracks have had to live under since about 1992.  My heart bleeds.  No, really.
  • Maybe I’m a heartless goon…  No, scratch that.  I am a heartless goon.


  • Apparently, “Plotting out and practicing the untimely demise of my fellow human beings” was not the answer someone was looking for when they asked me what I did in the Army.
  • The traffic around us flows in such a way that the shortest route to Boo’s school takes about twice as long as the back roads.
    • Cue the Kentucky highway department putting in a ten-minute detour along the longer route that takes me into the next county.
    • Still better than the freeway.
  • If my desk calendar is telling the truth, I have something work-related to do just about every day in August.
    • It’s gotten to the point that I set alarms so that I remember to eat lunch.
  • My commute is starting to become my favorite time of day.  It’s probably because I can roll down the windows, blast angry music, and scream at the top of my lungs until I feel better.


  • It would appear that sleep deprivation and over-scheduling is how Irish Woman and I live now.
  • The bad news is that I didn’t win the Mustang raffle at the church picnic.
    • The good news is that I won’t have to make the choice of finally owning a Mustang in my late forties or taking the cash.
  • Boo did some good works by handing out ice cream to the folks who were eating chicken dinners at the picnic.  More than a few folks noticed that several young ladies his age were clustered around the ice cream cooler during his tenure.
    • Irish Woman was unavailable for comment.
  • Irish Woman has relearned that Guinness makes me goofy.
  • I’m not going to say that the weather during the drive home on Friday evening was rough.  I’m just going to say that I’ve never had my truck powerwashed so thoroughly before and leave it at that.
  • We’ve reached that sweet, sweet part of the summer where we’re ordering school uniforms and taking inventory on our pencils and notebooks.
  • I’d like to thank LawDog for the fact that my youngest son can now quote the Baghavad Ghita and Melville, as well as call an ambulance “the big white taxi”.

That Day

I won’t go into details, but today was not a good day.  It was the kind of day where the little voice in my head told me “I’m glad that’s over” when I started getting ready for bed.  Ever have one of those days?

But it wasn’t That Day.

We all have That Day.  It’s the day when we look back and wonder how we got through it.  It might have been stressful, or even deadly.  It’s the day that lays opposite The Best Day in our spectrum of experience.  All other days are measured against those two days.

That Day is the one that wakes you up in the middle of the night.  It’s the one that drags you back to relive it when you see or smell or hear something that reminds you of That Day.  It’s the one that every parent wants to shield their child from.

Everybody I know has had That Day, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not a part of the human experience.  Perhaps the reason that folks who get freaked out over relatively minor stuff get on my nerves so much is that to them That Day was something that a lot of us just call ‘Tuesday’.

Anyway, here’s hoping that That Day is behind all of you.

At least today wasn’t That Day.

Travel Rumblings

  • When we all get together to take a trip on the big silver sky taxi, we, by definition, all have somewhere to be.
    • Taking fifteen minutes to find your seat, stow your things, sit down, make friends with the folks around you, strap in, unstrap in, retrieve your electronic thingie, binkie, and blankie, and then strap back in, is a black-letter law justification for keelhauling.
  • The row and seat numbers are in an easily deduced pattern.  Also, the airline has gone to the trouble and expense to put up little signs to help out those who never passed that part of kindergarten.  Please, for the sake of our sanity and your own safety, learn to use them.
  • Sitting/laying down in the main walkway of a gate seating area in order to do stretching/yoga/walrus-in-rut impersonations for half an hour may or may not help your bad back.  It will definitely make me wish your bones would start to spontaneously snap into small, easily digested pieces.
  • If you are giving your pre-teen children a sugary coffee drink five minutes before getting on a small aircraft, I hope that, someday, your children put you into a substandard nursing home built on an abandoned graveyard.
    • Now, I may not be the best parent on Earth, Lord knows.  But I’m pretty sure that letting little Susie and Bobby watch “The Purge” during a flight might not be the best decision you could have made.
  • If the first-class passengers aren’t routinely asked to remove their shoes, belt, electronics, and dignity when going through airport screening, then there’s probably no good reason for everyone else to do it.
  • Showing up to your job serving coffee to folks in an airport on a Sunday morning when you either dropped acid right before work or you’re still coming down from the night before is not cool.
    • Seriously, her pupils were the same shape, size, and color as a shot of espresso.
    • She was, of course, pleasant.  Most stoned folks are.  She just wasn’t very efficient.
    • It took her five minutes to take my order for a coffee, large, one each, then about another three to find the cup, then find the coffee, then fill the cup, then remember to turn around and hand it to me.  I had to remind her to swipe my credit card before handing it back to me.
  • If it takes two flight attendants, a quarter pound of bacon grease, a come-along, and rhythmic drumming by the co-pilot to get your My Little Pony carry-on into the overhead bin, then maybe you should have let your mommy pack for you.
  • Riding your motorcycles four abreast, thereby taking up both lanes of traffic, does not make you rebels without a cause.  It makes you a bunch of douchebags.
  • I’m guilty of forgetting that Nissan put their gas tanks on the wrong side of the car, thereby causing me to have to pull out of a fueling area in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and turn around at 1:30 AM on a Sunday night.
    • Pointing this out and laughing at me does not help the situation.
    • From the look on your wife’s face, she thought you were an asshole, too.
  • There are fewer things I want to hear after getting home from a long trip than hearing Irish Woman ask “Honey, do you know where my camera is?”
    • In related news, the hotel, airline, and rental car company all had “I lost my stuff” links on their websites.
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