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Operators Are Standing By!

I’d like to thank everyone who pre-ordered Via Serica, and I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of it.  It should auto-download for you when you open your reader.

Via Serica is available for sale on Amazon now for everyone else.

Hope you all enjoy it, and please leave an honest review, good, bad, or ugly, on Amazon.

Shameless Plug

Today is International Literacy Day, a day we should use to remember how important the gift of reading is, both for enjoyment and for earning a living beyond subsistence farmer.

If you’re looking for something good to read today, check out the titles by Peter Grant, Jim Curtis, or Holly Chism.

However, if you’re looking for something to read in a couple of days, say September 10, Via Serica is on pre-sale.

Hint.  Hint.

Pre-Orders for Via Serica Now Open

After much crying and gnashing of teeth in the wee hours of the morning, pre-order of the e-book of Via Serica is now open. It will go on sale on September 10.   The hard copy version is in the works, and should be available within the next week or so.

I’d really like to thank everyone who alpha and beta read this one.  it’s a lot longer and more involved than Minivandians, and I really appreciate all of the time they took out of their lives to give me pointers, suggestions, and kicks in the tuchus.

I hope everyone enjoys this one.  It’s not as light-hearted as Minivandians, and it’s definitely an adult novel, but I think you’ll find it interesting.

Sneak Peeks

Here are screen grabs of the ebook and hard copy covers of Via Serica.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.30.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.59.47 PM

Many thanks to Robb for the artistic talent and Wing for the back-cover blurb!

Sneak Peak – Via Serica

OK, folks, need opinions on this.

Here’s the rough draft of the ebook cover for the Romans book:

Via Serica Kindle Cover

And here’s the idea I have for the back-cover blurb:

Marcus Aemelius Paullus has a problem – He is playing with fire by falling in love with the wrong woman.

Appius Plinius also has a problem – He has a unit full of warriors who continually get themselves, and him, into trouble.
Caesar Augustus has a solution to their problems, but it may cost them their lives.

What do you all think?


I’d like to thank the 317 people who downloaded Tales of the Minivandians during its free period this past week.  I hope you all enjoy it, and please spread the word about it to anyone you think would enjoy it.

After you read it, love it or hate it, I’d appreciate it if you all could leave a review at Amazon.  Be honest.  I want to do better, but I need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks again.

Heads up – Free Ebook

To commemorate Father’s Day, the e-book of Tales of the Minivandians will be free for the next few days.

So, take as many as you need; we’ll make more.


Book Review – Saving Grace, A Story of Adoption

L.B. Johnson has followed up her first book, The Book of Barkley, with Saving Grace, A Story of Adoption.  This memoir meshes very well with the stories in Barkley, and expands on Mrs. Johnson’s early life as a child of adoption, as well as her journey as the mother of a child that has been adopted by someone else.

Johnson is a consummate storyteller and scene setter.  I swear I could smell the dirt and grass as she described playing in fields and woods as a child.  When she described the sights and smells of the delivery room, it took me back to when I was there for the birth of my own children.  Be prepared to see almost everything discussed in this book in your mind’s eye.

This book covers some pretty heavy subjects, including her own adoption, her decision when it came to her own daughter, and the death of her brother.  Just as with her first book, I found it an easy read, but not a quick one.  I stopped every so often to think about what she was trying to say, as well as my own memories that her writing evoked.

That’s not to say that this is a sad book.  It’s not.  Her story continues to be a celebration of life and her love for it.  There was a lot of humor mixed in with the tears, and Mrs. Johnson was able to blend the two in a very artful, but not overplayed, manner.

While this book deals with a lot of adult concepts, I have already promised Girlie Bear that she can read it now that finals are over.  Most young adults will ‘get’ this book, and probably enjoy it.

I’d recommend Saving Grace to anyone who enjoys a poignant, personal memoir.

Book Review – Forge A New Blade

Peter Grant, proprietor of Bayou Renaissance Man, has put out the next installment in his Laredo trilogy.  “Forge a New Blade” picks up where “War to the Knife” leaves off, with the characters on both sides of the war picking up the pieces and moving on after the battles at the end of the first book.  It’s a fast read, but not a light one.  Fans of his Maxwell Saga series of books will be happy to see the two story lines intermingle, with Steve Maxwell appearing to work with the Laredo resistance to hurt the Bactrian invaders.

The book centers around efforts by the Laredans to force the Bactrians off of their home planet.  Grant does a good job in giving insight into what it takes to build up a military force from scratch.  The world-building of the Maxwell series and the first book in the Laredo trilogy create a great base for him to build on.  He also explores the intricate Bactrian government, with their young, new ruler trying to find a way out of the domestic and foreign quagmires that his predecessors created.

If you’re looking for a good read for yourself or a young person and like tales of intrigue, resistance, and tenacity, this is the one for you.  I definitely look forward to the next book.

Disclaimer – I was a beta reader of this book, but received nothing from Peter for this review.

Free AudioBook Follow-Up

Just a quick follow-up while the antihistamine fog clears in the morning sun.

If you’d like one of the promo codes to get a free download of the Minivandians audiobook, please drop me a line at daddybear@daddybearsden.com.  I forgot to mention that in my earlier post.

I still have lots and lots of semi free ice cream for anyone who wants some, so just drop me an email.

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