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More Book Information

  • The dead-tree version of Via Serica is now on-sale for those of you who prefer the feel and smell of a physical book.  If you’d like a signed copy, please hit the email link on the main page to send a message to daddybear@daddybearsden.com and I’ll arrange payment and delivery.  The cost will be the same as the book is on Amazon, $15, and shipping will be included.
  • Reviews are coming in, and they seem to be positive.  If you’ve read the book and have anything good or bad to tell me about it, please do.  The Amazon page for the ebook had six reviews when I got up this morning, and several of you all have put up reviews on your sites:
  • If you’ve put up a review somewhere that I haven’t noted here, please leave a link in the comments and I’ll add it.
  • Would anyone be interested in a series of blog posts that discuss the weapons and such of the characters?  I tried really hard to not get into the nerdy details in the book, but the nerd in me is screaming to be heard.
  • The experience of reading something you’ve written and deciding that it’s too convoluted and shaky is probably the same feeling a knitter gets when he notices that he’s dropped a stitch and has to rip out two or three rows to fix it.
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  1. Yep, it would be! 🙂

  2. John in Philly

     /  September 18, 2015

    And when the Romans get to China, they discover gunpowder and …. (yep, those little dots indicate a dramatic pause,)

    I like the details, they contribute greatly into immersing me into the story, and the details lessen the need for the willing suspension of disbelief. But yes, there is a fine line.

    “I grabbed the grips and pressed the trigger, the big fifty cal roared into action as the belt danced through the weapon.” The reader most likely does not need to know the details of setting headspace and timing, and that it takes two pulls on the charging handle to get the weapon ready to fire. (and do not ride the bolt forward, the gunners mate will slap your hand away and say bad things about your mother) I know this because on a reserve cruise to the Caribbean I got the chance to fire the fifty, and of course, since it was the Navy, we had to go to fifty caliber school. Surprising what stuck after all these years.

    Although when rereading “The Sand Pebbles,” it is obvious that the author was a navy machinist mate as it all rings true, it is a real shame that cancer cut his writing career short.

    So please, blog posts about the details are a very good idea. And what was the food supply like on the march, and what about the general health of a roman soldier of the period?

  3. Dude! Let your geek flag fly!

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