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  • I disarmed another marital booby trap today by buying jewelry for Mother’s Day, not the reasonably priced sneakers Irish Woman asked for.
    • I don’t have much to live for, but I have more than that.
    • And yes, she’s getting the sneakers too.
  • To Irish Woman, it’s a graduation, complete with religious ceremonies, luncheons, and a graduation party.
    • To me, it’s “Good job this year, kiddo. Next year, high school, and in four years, you graduate. Now go mow something.”
  • My professional life would be a lot easier if I got problem descriptions that were better than the equivalent of “My car’s making a funny noise.”
  • My wife, genius that she is, figured out that if she made a tent over the top of the cool-weather crops out of a fine, white gauze, they would grow better and grow longer.
    • It actually works. We’re still getting lettuce, kale, and peas.
    • She also figured out that she shouldn’t let the fine mesh of the tent stretch out into the tall grass, especially when she’s in a hurry to get the lawn mowed before dark.
    • I described the resulting fine, white mesh wrapped around the blades and drive shafts of the mower as “My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Lawnmower Man”
  • Driving a U-Haul truck through traffic in a construction zone really does wonders for the value you place in humanity. By the time I had moved a bedrooom’s worth of oak furniture from one storage facility to another, I was ready to embrace our new alien overlords, intent on the immolation of me and everyone else on this dirt ball.
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1 Comment

  1. Old NFO

     /  May 15, 2023

    Smart man. And no, the mesh and lawnmower are NOT compatible… ask me how I know… sigh


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