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  • As we drove across the Midwest the other night, we hit a pretty ugly thunderstorm. I switched over to AM radio to see if I could find a weather station. I knew things were bad when the clearest station I could find was nothing but a woman praying the Hail Mary over and over again.
    • It must have worked, because we made it through OK.
  • You know the “Balkan Cafe” you’re having lunch at is authentic when the older gentlemen sitting at one of the couches are wearing Adidas running suits, white tee shirts, gold chains, and enjoying a Fanta with their coffee.
  • On the south side of the Iowa-Minnesota border, there were spots of snow in shaded areas, but otherwise, it was spring. Everything north of the line was under a foot of snow, demonstrating that the Good Lord loves Minnesota, but has a general dislike of Minnesotans.
  • We settled in with family in North Dakota just in time for 6 to 8 inches of powdery snow with high winds to set in. I take this as a sign that I need to stay here for an extra day or two. Maybe I’ll look at real estate. You never know how long it will take for the snow to melt, dontcha know?
  • Irish Woman is not impressed. She’s back in Kentucky digging in the garden while I shovel snow up here.
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  1. Hammer

     /  April 5, 2023

    Blogger in Northern Minnesota expecting up to 18 inches of snow today and tonight !


  2. Its been a fun winter here ….Not!!!!


  3. Girlie Bear

     /  April 6, 2023

    How were your leftovers?


  4. Old NFO

     /  April 6, 2023

    Glad you made it okay! Stay safe!


  5. You must have found WNAX (“Your Five-state Farm Station!”) Family Radio Rosary is every night from 2200-2230. The Protestants get their turn at 0600-0630. [Yes, I used it as a navigation beacon when I flew up there, even though it’s not an official beacon. How can you tell?]


    • I just took it as a sign to slow down even further and turn on my blinker. Luckily, somebody hit the “Torrential rain, wind gusts 90 degrees to the highway, and constant lightning” switch back to ‘OFF” a few minutes later.


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