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  • The 2024 Presidential campaign is cranking up, and as an independent voter, I must say that I am not impressed.
  • I expect the Democrats to do one of two things:
    • Nominate some horry harridan or simpering sycophant from one of the coasts in the name of optics and message.
    • Line up behind Joe Biden to prop him up long enough to toss his mangled carcass across the finish line, then pick the bones for as long as they can.
      • I would not bet money on VP Harris’ chances of being on the ticket. Stranger things have happened, and she will bring in black voters to some extent, but I just don’t see her sticking around waiting for Biden to keel over on live, international news feeds so she can assume the office.
  • On the other hand, I expect the Republicans to do one of two things
    • Renominate Trump after a long and bitter primary fight, thereby pissing off half of the electorate enough to motivate them to go the polls and pull the lever for anyone but OrangeManBad.
    • Not nominate Trump, thereby pissing off a good chunk of their base, demotivating them enough that they sit home on Election Day.
  • For each, I see very few third ways.
    • The Democrats could search the bowels of their party to find a reasonable, populist candidate that can connect with someone to the right of Stalin and younger than Methuselah. I’m sure there’s at least one or two left, somewhere. Perhaps they’re walled in somewhere in the basement of DNC headquarters, just waiting to be released back into the sunlight so they can be lambasted by the ‘right’ people in their party.
    • The Republicans could thread the needle and find someone enough like Trump that the Trump voting block will show up and enough not like Trump that the anti-Trump voting block doesn’t start screeching and throwing poo.
    • I don’t exactly have much faith that either party will be able to accomplish anything that slows down the rotation as we approach oblivion, but never say never.
  • Speaking of presidential politics, a thought occurred to me the other day:
    • In 2016, any Democrat except Hillary Clinton could have beaten Trump.
    • In 2020, any Republican except Donald Trump could have beaten Biden.
    • I have no idea what’s going to happen in 2024, but it’s going to make for some really interesting history in about 50 years.
  • On the economic front, I may be investing in a kayak. If we’re going to circle the drain, might as well have fun while we’re doing it.
  • Those who say that Biden is getting us involved in Ukraine in order to either enrich himself and his cronies, or to distract us from other issues need to remember to never assign to malice that which can be assigned to incompetence.
  • I am in a bit of a disagreement with my wife at the moment. You see, Irish Woman intercepted a box from Lucky Gunner the other day, and apparently its size was ‘deceptive’.
    • The disagreement is whether or not a grown woman can put her back out trying to lift a small box containing 1000 9mm cartridges.
  • I’ll be heading down to Nashville for a small ‘con this weekend. It’s a good chance to hang out with members of the tribe, recharge my batteries, and hear Southern American English with less twang in it.
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  1. mark

     /  February 24, 2023

    Sorry, but NO republican could have overcome the level of cheating the D’s brought to the 2020 election.

    And there is not a lick of difference between Schumer and McConnel

    Without honest voting, the Uniparty will bankrupt the USA morally and financially.


  2. The Dems could have nominated Jim Webb in 2016, and I would have broken a streak of voting for the GOP candidate even if I had to hold me nose that goes back to the Bicentennial. (Unless the GOP had nominated Cruz.)


  3. Old NFO

     /  February 25, 2023

    Whichever way it goes, the margin of cheat IS going to play a factor. I predict a clusterF… as usual…


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