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  • Someday, when I have the extra money, right after I buy a flying pony, I will have a family crest put together. Not sure what imagery I will use, but it will probably have a bear in it somewhere. For the family motto, I’m thinking I’m going to have someone who knows what they’re doing translate “Sleep is for the weak” into Latin.
  • Irish Woman and I plan to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary next year by going back to Ireland.
    • My goal is to make my wife happy
    • Her goal is to introduce her son to Ireland and be there when he has his first beer.
    • I’ve already warned the lad about pretty Irish women and sweet, smooth, Irish beer.
  • Looking at the cost of airfare, and ye gods and little fishes, it’s dear. For what they want for an 18 hour flight to Dublin and back, with a 9 hour layover in beautiful Newark, it might be cheaper to pay someone to smuggle us over as livestock.
    • For those of you keeping score at home “9 hour layover in beautiful Newark” is not a romantic proposal, no matter the lady to whom you’re making it.
    • Does Aer Lingus have steerage? Might as well get the whole family history experience while we’re at it.
  • The news is breathlessly reporting how responsive and leaderish Joe Biden is because several more unidentified flying thingies have been sighted in the past few days, with at least one of them being shot down.
    • Here’s a hint – If he were a real leader, they wouldn’t be there in the first place, because we would answer in kind with something a little more festive.
    • Is there a Mandarin equivalent to “Fuck around and find out”? How about Mongolfier?
  • My bones tell me that the Ukraine war is going to come down to who gets tired of spending first. Will Russia get tired of spending young men and dwindling technical resources for land or will the West get tired of spending war reserves to make every square kilometer of ground gained by the Russians hideously expensive in blood?
  • The earthquake news out of Turkey is horrific. No matter how well you build, no building is going to do well when hit with multiple 7+ scale earthquakes.
    • An evil little part of my soul is wondering if Russia, who Turkey has been cozying up to a tad too much, will contribute as much aid and relief supplies as Sweden does. Sweden, you will remember, has applied for NATO membership, which Turkey has been blocking because….. Kurds, I guess?
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  1. Sean D Sorrentino

     /  February 12, 2023

    Email me. I’ll make something up for you.

    Gold or silver?
    Red, blue, green, black, and purple, pick one or two.


  2. Old NFO

     /  February 13, 2023

    After you pay for the flights, you can afford to eat potatoes… for the full Irish experience. Re Xiden, the news today said, “Well, they tuned up the radars which is why we’re seeing all those ‘things’ flying around… Yeah, right.


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