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  • There must be some way to mathematically describe wind strength and behavior based on the way hound dog ears flap when the pup puts her nose into the breeze.
    • This will require more thought. And coffee.
  • Irish Woman went on a cruise with some family and friends last week, and it did wonders for her attitude.
    • Apparently, the secret is no Internet access for several days, along with having rum punch on demand.
    • The magic formula appears to be 3 rum punches followed by a 3 hour nap. This procedure should be repeated as needed.
  • The disagreement on whether the end of the 8th grade is a life changing event or just changing of a school continues.
    • Irish Woman is following the Louisville tradition of celebrating ‘graduation’ from the 8th grade as if the Young Prince was finishing a rigorous course that will lead to all great things that she could ever want for him. Plus a pony. With ice cream.
    • I, on the other hand, being a sane, non-Lousvillian, look upon the end of the 8th grade as “Congratualtions. Let’s get pizza. The yard needs mowed tomorrow, kid”.
    • The difference in trouble, time, and cost between the two positions is staggering.
  • The new car arrived a couple of days early, so I officially own a Subaru hatchback. The hunt for bumper stickers has already begun.
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  1. Old NFO

     /  February 9, 2023

    LOL, changing schools… sigh That is a no win for you.


  2. Wait!! Mow the lawn!!?? In February?? Maybe in April!!! Maybe!!


  3. Tim D

     /  February 10, 2023

    It must be an earthshaking and life changing event. After all someone from Louisville graduating 8th grade is an extreme rarity. He should have been out working in the factory years ago. At least now he has an easier path to management. /s


  4. You need a Trigun bumper sticker (Love & Peace w/bullet holes). I don’t *do* bumper stickers, and I’m strongly considering it.


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