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  • Irish Woman asked me today what I wanted for Christmas. I told her I just wanted a hot meal and the love of a good woman.
    • This may be my last transmission. Tell my children I died well.
  • I got an email that one of Irish Woman’s presents won’t be here for Christmas because apparently the camel train from Outer Mongolia was intercepted by Hmong raiders or something.
    • When I told Irish Woman that she had to come up with something else, she said we could just buy a new dishwasher instead.
    • I told her to pull the other leg. It’s got bells attached to it.
  • In other news, our dishwasher has died and our microwave appears to be on the downhill slide toward recycling.
    • The dishwasher was manufactured in 2009, the microwave in 2008, so I’d say that both we and the former owners of the house got good value out of them.
    • Have y’all priced out appliances lately? Sweet Jebus, but they’ve gotten pricy. My first three cars didn’t cost as much as a new dishwasher and an in-the-wall microwave do now.
  • We’ve reached that wonderful time of year here in IndiUcky where it’s too warm to snow, but cold enough that the rain just sucks the life right out of you.
    • Luckily, I have an ample supply of Vitamin D and corn liquor to see me through.
  • Question for y’all – Have you just about given up on going to the theater to watch a movie? We went a few months ago, and I really didn’t enjoy it anymore. Unless the movie has special effects or cinematography that absolutely requires the big screen to appreciate it, I’d rather just stay home and rent a film. And since I’m about done with Star Wars, Harry Potter, the MCU, and the DCU, I don’t see me dishing out $70 or more for the family to enjoy a matinee.
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  1. I think the last movie I saw in a theater was Cats, so…


  2. Old NFO

     /  December 15, 2022

    I haven’t been to a movie theater in…at least 10 years, maybe longer. When they started the whole gun free zone crap (spit), I stopped going. Watching with the kids on the couch is MUCH more fun, and nobody gripes about my ‘comments’… much…


  3. The Old Sarge

     /  December 15, 2022

    I bought my microwave in 1988. Still works great.

    The last movie I wen to was (IIRC) 2010. It was that crappy Star Trek “alternate timeline” dreck. Fortunately, I didn’t pay for it.


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