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  • Here in Kentucky, the judicial elections are non-partisan, and judges tend to not advertise or express political sentiments. That can make having an informed opinion at the polls harder for the voter.
    • Today, one of the judicial candidates made my life easier and convinced me to vote for their opponent when they produced a rare commercial attacking their opponent, who has not advertised as far as I know.
    • I am impressed by how clearly they described their opponent’s agenda and how quickly they convinced me to vote for said opponent.
    • Bravo, candidate X, bravo.
  • Elon Musk, he of the rockets that land as God and Robert Heinlein intended, is rumored to be planning a 75% layoff when he takes control of that hive of scum and villainy, Twitter.
    • It appears that this is, understandably, causing a wave of anxiety amongst Twitter employees. I mean, who wants to be laid off from your phony-baloney job?
    • I have some advice for the Twitterers. Take these ideas for what they are.
      • Learn to code. OK, I’m being a bit flippant here, but hear me out. If you’re working at Twitter, I’m going to assume that you’re at least somewhat technical. If you’re already a hardcore coder, then concentrate on getting better. You’ll either become essential and survive the bloodletting, or you’ll improve your odds of landing on your feet. If you’re not a coder, a new skill will look good for your resume. At least, you’ll be able to show that you made a desperate, last minute attempt to be more relevant after your position of 27th Assistant Understudy to the Chief Zampolit for Meme Verification is found to be surplus to requirements.
      • Learn that your job is not who you are. I mean, sure, everyone wants the glamorous title and lifestyle of a cubicle-dwelling, 18-hour workday having, no life to speak of outside of the Internet troglodyte, but that’s not everything you are. Embrace your inner self, and recognize that sweeping the streets of San Jose or San Francisco is better than starvation. Just ask the former employees of DEC or pets.com.
        • OK, well, cleaning the streets of San Francisco will be pretty terrible, but you get the idea.
        • Maybe you can take all of the skills you got playing skeeball in the Twitter break room for 8 hours a day and use them to launch your own business. I can see it now: Rent-A-Goof. Customer calls up and a slovenly Twit comes over to harangue them about their carbon footprint, privilege, and dietary choices. You’ll make millions!
    • If you survive the coming layoffs, consider yourself lucky and get on with it. I suggest pressing your nose to that grindstone until you start to smell smoke. Nobody says this is the final round, and you haven’t even seen Musk’s final form yet.
    • If you don’t keep your job, for God’s sake, don’t move home to Nebraska to look for work. Stay in California and continue to vote for and be Gavin Newsom’s problems. Decent people in the Heartland don’t need an influx of irrational, petty, opinionated children nowadays.
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