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  • In a couple of weeks, Irish Woman and I will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the day we met.  Where has the time gone?
    • Flirtation when Irish Woman and I first met – “Are you single?”
    • Flirtation today – “You’re going to miss that finger when I bite it off.”
  • Irish Woman wants a pool.  I do not want a pool.
    • We compromised.  The pool will be installed in March or April.
    • I will say this – I have no plans to ever get in the pool.  I may be a stubborn ass, but I’m a principled stubborn ass.  I will be content to sit on the deck and watch her clean the pool.
  • Plans for the garden –
    • Build four 2 foot by 8 foot by 1 foot raised beds.  Fill with dirt, peat moss, and acidifier, then plant tomatoes and peppers
    • Build 3-tiered 4 foot by 6 foot x 3 foot strawberry bed
    • Build and plant herb garden
    • Acquire and plant 3 to 5 blueberry bushes, probably in bourbon barrel planters
    • Plant blackberry patch after constructing something for them to grow up
    • Possibly plant some cherry trees
  • Writing continues, slowly.  I’m outlining several different things at the same time, and writing another.  Either my output is going to be a (brief) firehose this year, or I’m not going to get a darned thing done.
    • Novellette/Novella in the Via Serica series.
    • Next in the Boogeyman series
    • Several short stories for a collection I’m thinking of putting together.
    • Maybe, possibly, one more Minivandian.
    • Another project that is very much in the nebulous “Hmmm, I wonder if I can do something with that?” phase.
  • I had to go into my office to get something the other night, and I realized just how little I miss the commute and long trek in from the parking lot.  Maybe working from home semi-permanently isn’t such a bad thing.
  • We are hoping that Boo will be able to attend Boy Scout and Fish&Wildlife camps this summer.  If he can’t, I will set up a tent in the backyard for him, then use the dogs to drive wildlife through his campsite at all hours of the night so that he gets something of the experience.  If I can’t find wildlife, I will dress the dogs up and stampede them over the top of his tent.
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  1. I have some blackberries you can have, feel free to come and dig them all up.


  2. LOL! Well, I suppose if you seeded the backyard with some random food bits and trained the raccoons and opossums that would give him the wildlife experience! Might also excite the dogs into a stampede.


  3. Old NFO

     /  January 27, 2021

    Hopefully you got a hot tub out of the pool deal… 🙂


  4. John in Philly

     /  January 30, 2021

    I would not get another pool. My wife would get another pool, so if we move into a pool free home our compromise will be much like yours.


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