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  • Going camping with the Boy Scouts soon after moving means going without a lot of the extras.
    • By extras, I mean things like my wool blanket, my canteen cup for making and drinking coffee, and my cold weather boots.
    • A good time was had by all, but I definitely need to start getting things unpacked and organized.
  • Time to get the camp set up and let the boys go have some fun – less than an hour.
  • Time to break things down and load up when the boys are tired and are ready for the campout to be over – 3 hours, and that’s with just enough wind and rain to make things brisk.
  • The difference between mothers and fathers during a campout is not that one will tell young men to stay out of the creek on a chilly day, while the other will not. The difference is that a father will have absolutely no sympathy for a young man who wants to change into his spare clothes 3 hours after getting to the campsite because he mysteriously got soaked from the knees and elbows down.
    • “Son, I’ve seen hypothermia before.  You’re just cold.”
  • I think I figured out why I’m getting light strikes on the Garand.  It seems that every so often, the trigger guard comes loose during firing.  Since that holds the entire trigger mechanism in, it’s probably related to the problem.
  • Speaking of Garands, I am proud to say that at least two fathers and possibly a couple of teenagers have decided they need one of their own after firing mine this past weekend.
    • The PING of Freedom has that effect, I guess.
  • Note to self – When the bacon-wrapped hot dogs, wrapped in tin foil, start to burn, it is not the ‘flambe’ stage of cooking.  Get those things off the fire immediately.
  • Irish Woman got a quiet Saturday and most of Sunday to herself.  Apparently “We’re going to be away for a couple of days, so enjoy yourself!” translated into “Do a bunch of laundry, deal with a sick dog, and cook a whole bunch of food”
  • I’m going to start reading news stories with a mental prefix of “TASS has been authorized to report…” tacked onto the first sentence.  If it makes sense, then I probably don’t need to read the rest of the article.
  • I had to go out to our new county clerk/sheriff’s office to do some business last week, and the line to vote was out the door and around the block. More than a few folks were openly saying they were voting early so they could hunker down at home on Election Day.
    • I’m not saying that I’ll hunker down, but I’m definitely making sure the gas tanks and cans are topped off, pizza is ordered, and popcorn is popped.
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  1. Old NFO

     /  October 26, 2020

    LOL, cold and wet is it’s OWN teacher… And no, that’s not hypothermia… 🙂 Good luck finding M-1s right now!!!


  2. Dorothy Grant

     /  October 26, 2020

    Ah, “character building” in camping. Glad you and all the boys made it home alive, especially if you were short a way to have coffee before dealing with them…

    As for hunkering down, rather the opposite in these parts. I’ve heard of more election watch parties this year than I can recall – as screamingly antisocial as I am, I have standing invitation to one, and Am Expected at the other.

    Given the amount of alcohol and coffee that’ll be there after the “We’re exhausted; let’s wrap… wait, what? Turn that up!” of 4 years ago, good thing I work swings the next day and will have time to recover.


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