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  • We took Girlie Bear to her university and moved her into the ROTC dorm today.
    • She got an early and fitting introduction in the manner in which the military works, in that after we had helped her empty her luggage so we could take it home, she was told that she will be moving to a different floor in the next couple of days.
  • A small college town is not unlike the towns around military bases.  There are lots of wonderful, supportive people, as well as a lot of tattoo parlors, crappy apartments, and fast food restaurants.  All that was missing were a few scuzzy military surplus and payday loan shops.
  • In trying to explain what fraternities and sororities are to Boo, we got through to him by saying that PoundSign-Ampersand-CurlyBrace was like being in Gryffindor and QuestionMark-Tilde-MyagkiZnak was like being in Slytherin.
  • Irish Woman was aghast to see the ruins of her first dormitory at the university, which is being torn down and replaced.
    • She did, however, have to admit that it was a pit even something-something years ago when she lived there.
  • Every time I see Piers Morgan get smacked around on Twitter, I’m reminded that I owe Jeremy Clarkson a bottle of whisky, should I ever meet the gentleman.
  • Governor Walker has called up the National Guard to assist Milwaukee deal with rioting, which was ostensibly started over the shooting of a black man shooting at police.  I’m hoping that everything calms down, but a cynical part of me wonders how the Obama administration and the campaigns of both major parties will react if the National Guard doesn’t let rioters treat them the way the Milwaukee police did, and a bunch of rioters end up shot.


  1. Ummm… You forgot the sleazy bars and strip joints… OH wait, that’s bases, or is it anymore? And Sheriff Clark apparently called the Gov about calling up the Guard, saying they didn’t have enough manpower to handle an ongoing situation. Kudos to the man for admitting they needed help!


  2. Suz

     /  August 15, 2016

    Where I went to college, there were churches on every corner with bars in between. A 2 college college town. Sleazy bars, yes…strip joints, no…but there were a couple of disco joints…it was a LOOONG time ago. Learned stuff there…besides drinking I mean..



  3. Irish Woman drove us around the town a bit to show us where she used to hang out. None of the sleazy bars she knew and loved exist anymore. In fact, most of them are either vacant lots or paved over. And I didn’t see any… adult dancing demonstration establishments at all.

    You can probably tell how broken up I am about that.


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