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Anniversary Gift No-No’s

Our anniversary is coming up, and like most husbands, I struggle to figure out what to get Irish Woman as a present.  While there is a lot of advice on what women want, here’s some friendly advice on what not to get.

  1. Unless your wife is a fitness nut, things like workout clothes, digital fitness assistants, or gym memberships.  Seriously, even if she’s been talking about trying to get into better shape, let these ideas die on the vine.
  2. Steak knives, butcher knives, cleavers, or any other dual use technologies, unless she’s a chef and you’re splurging on her.
  3. Kitchen appliances.  See above note about chefs.
  4. Other home appliances.  Seriously, she may say she doesn’t care, but I have yet to meet the woman who would rather have a new vacuum cleaner or dishwasher than something, you know, thoughtful and romantic.
  5. Self-help books.  See item 1 about fitness-related gifts.  If she wants to improve herself, she’ll do it herself.

Remember, guys, if you know your wife as well as you should, there are always fall-back gifts if you get stuck:  jewelry, guns, books, spa days, whatever.  Don’t step on your schwanz by getting her something on my list, and for heaven’s sake, don’t go for the “I don’t want anything” or “This necessary thing counts as my gift.”  She’s precious to you.  Indulge her when you can.

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  1. Bought the GF a black lace nighty for Christmas last year. SHE HAD NEVER BEEN GIVEN ONE BEFORE! 3 ex-husbands, 59 years old, and never had anyone given her a gift that looked good crumpled at the side of the bed. Don’t let this happen to her! (Amy B, 1956-2015, RIP)


  2. That is a no win… sigh… Don’t envy you that one!


  3. I would rather have a dishwasher, a cordless drill, or good kitchen knives that a “spa day”. Anything that makes my life easier is a win. Gah. The thought of a “spa day” gives me the willies. A waste of time and money, IMHO. I’d rather have a landscaper come in have all the trees and shrubs trimmed.


  4. It was made clear early in our relationship (25 years ago) that it would be made known to me if an appliance was desired, otherwise, don’t even think about it!
    In 23 years of marriage I have once been given authorization to purchase an appliance for a gift-giving occasion, a 5 quart Kitchen Aid mixer with all (well, many) of the attachments. Last year.


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