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  • It is rarely a good thing for multiple people to walk up to you and ask “Are you on call today?”
  • Hint – When DaddyBear is tired, cranky, and using knife hands to emphasize points while he is talking to you across a conference table, maybe you’ve finally found that one button in his psyche that really ought to be covered with a locking lucite cover.
  • A good manager makes sure their people have a meal when they’re working an unexpectedly long day.  A really good manager makes sure there’s a sleep plan.
  • There is rarely a reward for pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.  Rather, you’re usually put on the task force to inventory his wardrobe, put together a plan to keep him in fashion, and then sent to work in the salt mines some more.
  • Whoever put a drive-thru donuts and coffee restaurant a mile from where I work, bless you.  You are probably the reason I could drive home this morning without sleeping a few hours in the truck first.
    • It really wasn’t the caffeine.  That worked well enough to get me something to eat and clean up after I got home.  The pain of taking big swallows of scalding hot coffee every time I felt drowsy kept me on the road.
  • Love is a wife who has fresh sheets on the bed and moves her work space for the day so that you can sleep like the dead after a 23 hour work day.
  • Remember, folks, if you’re not smiling, you’re probably making an expression that convinces people to call Human Resources.
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  1. “…if you’re not smiling, you’re probably making an expression that convinces people to call Human Resources.”
    Which one of my people have you been talking to?

  2. Anonymous

     /  November 5, 2015

    Yes to all of the points, but more specifically the difference between good and bad managers.

    The good manager has a plan for eating and sleeping during a long complex emergency.

    The bad manager says, “We will work on this until we drop!”

    On my last active duty ship we had in turn two Chief Engineers and each one was an example of the bad/good manager. I learned much much more about being a good manager from the good CHENG.

    Example. We were in Mayport, Florida and when we lit of the plant we had one of those long engineering casualties that make Murphy of Murphy’s Law roll over and urinate himself. No injuries, nothing broken, but we ended up with both plants, and two boilers grossly contaminated with salt water. Cheng’s first step was to get the engineering department together and order us onto a six on and six off watchbill. Then a plan to flush out all the systems and boilers and get back in operation.

    A good manager is a rare and valuable asset to be guarded and cherished.

  3. +1 on Drang… sigh…

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