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  • Girlie Bear got her first paycheck.  It was just shy of $40.  She paid about $5 in taxes and such.  She immediately understood the concept of “minimal government”.
  • Boo ran a mile in 10:31 tonight.  Not bad for a 7 year old.  Now if I can just get him to get ready for school faster than the speed of smell.
  • The only thing harder than sleeping in a bed with Derby sleeping on my feet is sleeping while she lays in the hallway outside the bedroom door and cries all night.
  • Tomato season seems to be coming to an end.  I think I have enough on the vine to do another batch of stewed tomatoes or tomato sauce.  I think I’ll pass on making tomato jalapeno jelly this year.  I still have a case of it downstairs from last year.
    • By the way, two parts peanut butter and one part tomato jalapeño jelly melted in the microwave and mixed together make a really good dip or chicken sauce.
  • Note to self – When the young man scooping ice cream cautions you that the large scoop is really large, take the hint.
  • We took Girlie Bear out for Mexican food to celebrate her birthday.  I started to tell the waiter about the big event so that she could get the whole Spanish song and sombrero treatment, but I’m smart enough to notice the “I will kill you if you do” look I got from Irish Woman.
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  1. Kids grow up fast don’t they? My eldest now has a part time job waitressing at a local winery (and makes $13.75/hr !?!?!?).

  2. Before we were married, so more than thirty years ago, my Lady and I were on a date at a restaurant that made a big fuss over birthdays. When the third hullabaloo that night was drawing to a close, I said to her “If you ever embarrass me that way, I will get up from the table and walk out in the middle of it.”

    She immediately believed me, which is one of many reasons we have been married for three decades.

  3. Girlie Bear

     /  September 1, 2015

    He did not mention getting tunnel vision after eating said ice cream. I told you that the ice cream was real!

  4. LOL, should have done it anyway… Girlie needs to be embarrassed in public at least once by her parents! (note- I’m WELL out of range)… 😀

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