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  • According to Irish Woman, she had to go all Southern Woman on an older man this afternoon.  Apparently it was effective, as the subject she was speaking to him about will be brought up at the next business meeting for the local Baptist church.
  • Boo has dress-down day tomorrow at school, if he either brings in one dollar or a hygiene item for the school’s charity box.  I suggested a box of condoms.
  • Highlight of my week – A friend brings out a couple of old family antiques to show his sons and asks me to help him track down information of an old sword based on the arsenal stamps on the blade.
  • While re-reading the book before dinner today, I came upon a passage where one of my characters does something quite stupid.  I thought to myself, “Now why would he do that when it’s obviously such a bad idea?”  I answered myself, “That passage is based on something you did when you were 19, idiot.”


  1. John in Philly

     /  August 28, 2015

    In reference to the last bullet, the list of stupid things I did when I was young would be very long.

    Some things were so stupid I am still embarrassed by them, and in a few cases, they were so stupid that I am lucky to be alive.

    Details will not be forthcoming.

    • Yep. There isn’t a person alive that can’t look back and say “How did I live this long?”

  2. It couldn’t have been ‘too’ stupid, you survived… 🙂

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