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  • I am no longer allowed to use the term “250 pounds of pre-chewed bubble gum” to describe another human being.
  • Boo’s cross-country coach said that when they run as a group, he will be calling cadences.  I tried to think of any running cadences I could call around children, and came up empty-handed.
    • Seriously, I spent 15 minutes thinking about this.  “Don’t let your dingle… Nope, not that one either.”
  • There are days when I can’t believe they pay me to do my job.  There are also days when I shrug and think about the paycheck.
  • As I’m writing this, I’m watching Boo dance with a polymer gladius to a battle song from a movie.  Life is good.
  • I started the day with a cup of good coffee and a couple of pieces of baklava made by old Greek Orthodox women.  Life is good.
  • I took Boo out for Greek food at lunch.  He wasn’t too sure about the whole idea, but tucked right in when I told him that it was warrior food and that the chicken was actually velociraptor.
  • It isn’t a wedding in Kentucky until somebody breaks out the cornhole boards.
  • Little boys are creatures that can be absolutely fascinated by the antics of tadpoles in a pond, then disappointed that the rocks they threw in did not crush a few of them.
  • At this point in the electoral process, I’m thinking of voting for “Extinction Level Event” in 2016.
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  1. maybe you could look a couple of cadences here.

  2. Sweet Meteor O’ Death 2016 FTW!

  3. Every four years, I find it comforting to dig out a copy of a decent translation of Juvenal. Two thousand years ago, and what is he complaining about? The politicians are corrupt, the popular figures are treated like gods, the gangs have taken over the streets, and the garbage hasn’t been collected. So human nature and government haven’t changed much. And in the meantime we have developed recored music, and modern dentistry, and our poor are fat.

  4. Esp wins the Intarwebz with that one… 🙂

  5. I was so sure you’d get arrested wandering around downtown Nashville with that polymer gladius sticking over your shoulder. Glad that Boo is having such a blast with it.

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