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  • You know, if something is against the law and obeying that law doesn’t go against your conscience, then it’s probably a good idea to not break the law.
  • Note to self – The deputies will arrest you for a gun, knife, or other weapon you bring to the courthouse, but will allow you to check a can of chemical mace at the door.
  • Quote of the week, by one of the judges:  Criminal cases are about liberty, civil cases are about money.
  • Rules for jury duty:
    • When in a courtroom, turn off your phones or both you and your gadget will be defenestrated.
    • Do not bring weapons, including glass containers and knitting needles into the courthouse (I’m not kidding, this was said)
    • Feel free to ask for an escort to your car at the end of the day.  After all, there are a lot of criminals around the courthouse.
    • Do not drink alcohol before coming to the courthouse, while you are at the courthouse, or during lunch.  A water bottle full of vodka isn’t exactly a good idea, either.
    • It is important to keep the judges happy.
    • Be on time.  Waiting for a juror makes for grumpy judges who have their proceedings delayed and grumpy deputies who have to come and find you.
    • Talk only to deputies if you need assistance. Policemen in the courthouse are witnesses, not law enforcement.   (I did not know that)
    • You may be capable of carrying around thousands of books on that tablet, but it is useless when you’re told to shut it off because the court doesn’t want you to be tempted to do your own research on the subject of the trial.
  • Note to self – You save no time taking the stairs down from the 8th floor courtroom to the 2nd floor jury area when all doors in the stairwell, with the exception of the alarmed emergency door, lock you in the stairwell automatically.
  • Voir dire is apparently Latin for “Long-winded answers that have nothing to do with the inane questions lawyers have to ask so they don’t end up in the court of appeals”.
  • The only bad part about being in a crowded room with 250 other people is the 250 other people.
  • When a lawyer describes the area where something took place, and the only landmark he can use is a big ‘gentleman’s club’ in a strip mall, that will tell you a lot about the neighborhood.
  • The Roman’s book is off to the beta readers.  I’m hoping to have it out by the end of August, but no promises.
  • When I looked in the refrigerator tonight, I noticed that we had three Angry Orchard hard ciders.  Being the responsible family man that I am, I disposed of those right quick.  Dad of the year, I tell ya.
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  1. Were you selected?

    They do a weird thing out here where you call the night before and they tell you whether to even bother coming in.

  2. Gotta love jury duty… Not!

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