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  • Social media, in just about any form, is a horrid place to have a thoughtful, reasoned debate about just about any subject where emotions, pride, beliefs, or other people factors are involved.
    • It is, however, an excellent platform to be a raving douche.
  • Am I the only one that thinks the Planned Parenthood legislation drama won’t be complete until we have Sandra Fluke testifying before Congress about how much she and her friends will be forced to spend on abortions if funding is cut?
  • Remember Walter Cronkite or David Brinkley filling the dinner hour news segments with subjects that require a lot of parental explanation?  I don’t either.
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the asshat from the lawn service company for dumping several bales of sod across the highway during my commute this morning.  That got my blood pumping better than an espresso, a morning jog in a cool rain, and a buxom redhead.
  • The best way to cure that feeling that you might be getting better at writing is to take a break from editing to read a few things by David Drake and Larry Correia.  You will then remember exactly how far you have to go.
  • The verification step on my project plan is no longer allowed to read “Cool guys don’t look back at the explosion.”
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  1. nixfu

     /  July 31, 2015

    That project plan step goes right along with my favorite step.. Pull Pin and Throw.

  2. Heh, editing is just ‘such’ fun isn’t it… They had to start somewhere too! Just remember that!

  3. “Cool guys don’t look back at the explosion.”

    No, they don’t. Cool guys cause the explosion.


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