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  • It is refreshing to have technology do what it’s supposed to do and for a rather lengthy plan to work.
  • The time to remember that you’re on-call and can’t go to the range because there’s marginal, at best, cell coverage there is not after you’ve gotten all your stuff prepared for the trip.
  • Self-control – When you see an antique Remington 700 in immaculate shape with a really nice scope for a good price, and you put the gun back on the rack because you have to spend the money on other things, like food and stuff.
  • If you and your friend are in the grocery store and are pushing your carts side by side as you mosey around getting a few odds and ends, do not give me an ugly look when I start to tailgate you.
  • Is it bad that while talking about a new movie with your co-workers, you realize that there isn’t a single comedic actor to come on the scene in the last 20 years that you would pay to watch?
    • I also realized that there are only one or two that I would watch for free.
  • It occurred to me that a good joke in Firefly would have been for Jayne to come out of his room for some reason, and in the background, the audience could hear his entertainment system playing the Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann rant from Full Metal Jacket.
    • Also, instead of Vera, he could have named his rifle Charlene.
  • I think I’m going to bite the bullet and get Girlie Bear some professional driving lessons.  It’ll give her a break on insurance, provide her with a small car to do the driver’s test in, and keep me from smashing a hole in the floorboard of the truck while I search for the imaginary brake pedal.


  1. Sendarius

     /  July 27, 2015

    The best thing I ever did when teaching off-spring to drive: pay for a day at the track.

    Nobody ever learns the limits of a vehicle when all they drive on are public roads, and thus they don’t know how close that they are to disaster.

    The on-track experience made both kids keenly aware that they cannot just function on auto-pilot when behind the wheel. They learned that distractions are dangerous, and just how pants-soilingly scary it can be to lose control.

    Perhaps counter-intuitively, it made both drive SLOWER when they got onto public roads afterwards.

    • Jeremy

       /  July 28, 2015

      scratch that… no courses scheduled and its restricted from the general public. Apologies.

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