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  • It’s amazing how much you can accomplish at work when you’re left alone and have a mandate to just get things done.
  • Irish Woman called the cable company the other day to talk to them about the rate increase they threw at us this month.
    • I came home to an announcement that we no longer had cable TV.
    • Our bill went down 50% when we went to only having telephone and data service.
    • A $25 indoor antenna gives us about 18 channels, which is more channels than we actually watch anyway.
  • I’ll learn to live without Monday Night Football, or at least the two or three games that I had the time and energy to watch.
  • I looked at one of the services that allow you to stream NFL games, and while it’s tempting, I’d rather buy a gun or stock up on ammunition with that amount of money.
  • Since we were looking at the channels we got, I decided to see what broadcast TV looks like on Sunday evenings.
    • Wow, what a wasteland.
    • The two things that looked even remotely interesting were a PBS documentary on New York self-immolating in the 1970’s, a show that featured pumped up individuals doing parkour and pullups, and robotic gladiators.
    • I then did what any responsible adult would do, and switched over to an alternate channel and watched Gilligan’s Island.


  1. jon spencer

     /  July 20, 2015

    Is it time for amazon prime and its large library able to be streamed?

    • We’ve been using that and Netflix for a while. We just had to wean ourselves off of the few cable programs we still watched. All we really need is local news and weather from the antenna.

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