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  • The only thing more fun than being the designated driver is when you’re the designated driver in a six passenger golf cart and your passengers start making this noise as you drive through the night.
  • Note to self:  Florida has opossums and they are nocturnal.
    • They also seem to like to hang out on the mid-line of streets.
    • When a couple of golf carts full of teenagers turn around in the dark to take a long look at the opossum, you know hijinks are going to ensue.
  • The most dangerous time for a child at the beach is not when they first put their toes in the water, nor is it when they can be trusted to walk out on their own.  It’s when they get brave, yet still do not know that the next wave might be the big one.
  • Irish Woman thought having minnows nibbling on her feet this evening was ticklish.  The six to eight inch fish that joined them, not so much.
  • The correct answer to my question this morning was some variation of “I’m sorry, sir, we don’t sell fishing licenses anymore.  Here’s the phone number to call to order one.”  not “Can’t you read?”
    • By George, there’s more than one place around here to buy tackle and bait!  I guess I don’t have to do business with that establishment after all!
  • So far, we’ve had scorpions, two kinds of crab, and, from the marks in the sand in the front yard, a snake of some sort visit us at the house.  I need a black bear, an alligator, and a feral hog to stop by to get a full card in Beach Critter Bingo.
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  1. Gators and hogs will probably show up soon… The bear may take a while 🙂 Enjoy the fun in the sun!

  2. auntiejl

     /  July 8, 2015

    My husband and Special Edition went alligator spotting with my dad when we were in Florida three weeks ago. Dad thought they were kidding about trying to see the one in the village’s pond…

    • Some of the outfitters here do sightseeing to see alligators and manatees. I was tempted.

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