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  • Guess where DaddyBear is tonight:
    • About an hour north of here, I passed a Sikorsky plant, a Lockheed-Martin plant, and an assortment of tattoo parlors and pawn shops.
    • Red clay, red clay everywhere.
    • The peach and pecan crops appear to be fresh and plentiful.
  • I got about twelve hours of pocket universes and biblical allegories today as Boo and I listened to the first four or five books in the Chronicles of Narnia series.
  • Boo did awesome on the drive today.  Of course, once he was no longer strapped in and restricted by the hard shell of a pickup, he was a little twitchy, but that’s why they put pools in hotels.
  • Tomorrow I will either indulge my historynerdness with a lecture series on Chinese history or just wallow in fun by listening to Monster Hunter International.
    • Boo will be riding with his mother, who has a Harry Potter audiobook for him.
  • We appear to have threaded the needle when it comes to severe weather today.  When we stopped for breakfast, we saw a very slight break between two waves of storms, and thought we were in for it.  The sky got dark, but I rarely had to use the windshield wipers.  Hopefully that luck lasts through tomorrow, if not for the entire week.
  • I’ve gotten to that part of the south where a lot of the place names would also beappropriate in Hawaii.
    • “Hwahatuahachie”  Huh?
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  1. Travel safe. And enjoy the ride!

  2. I stopped off at Andersonville for a bit on the way home from Savannah yesterday. Very nice for a quick visit. Rather somber, though.

    • I went on a tour of Andersonville when I was at Benning in transit to Europe once. It was eery and very sobering.

  3. spikedspiegel

     /  July 6, 2015

    Florida or Georgia?

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