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100 Years on – Isonzo

Italy signed a treaty with the Entente nations in early 1915, promising to open a new front against the Austro-Hungarians in exchange for territory taken from Vienna.  The Italians chose as their target the area that is now known as Slovenia, and staged a series of bitterly fought frontal assaults against the Austrians at the Isonzo River, beginning on June 23, 1915.

The fighting along the Isonzo was brutal, costly, and ultimately pointless.  Twelve Battles of the Isonzo occurred by the end of the war, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths on both sides in exchange for a static front that never moved more than a few meters one way or another.

1 Comment

  1. If you ever get a chance, you should go see that area of the world. It looks like a miserable place to fight, even in the summer. In the winter it would be appalling.

    Beautiful place to visit, thought. I would recommend avoiding the Virsic Pass if there is any precipitation. We damn near died trying to get off that pass. The ABS on the FIAT kept us on the road, though.

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