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Old Soldier Descriptions

We all know them.  They’re the old, crusty, salty characters who’ve been in too damned long. They’ve been there, done that, and designed the tee shirt.  If you’re going somewhere, they can tell you which bars to go to, what food to eat, and where the best place to sleep it off is.

So, in salute to these proud men and women, I present these ways you can pick them out of a crowd

  • She dated Patton in AIT.
  • His first CIF issue included lorica plumata and a gladius.
  • She helped John Moses Browning carve his first slingshot.
  • He knew Christ when he was a corporal.
  • She knew Moses before he went to OCS.
  • His first assignment in the fleet was to pull an oar on the Mayflower.
  • He proudly wears a “Re-Enlist 20th Maine” tee shirt to the VFW.
  • She doesn’t march the Nijmegen, because she marched. the. Nijmegen.
  • He can be overheard at morning formation saying things like “You know, Grant was a hard man, but he was a fair man.”
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  1. There is no truth to the rumor that I was Right Road Guard for the Three Wise Men.
    Nor did I pull KP at the Last Supper.
    But it is true that Von Steuban was a hard man, but a fair man. (Whether or not he was really a “Von”)


  2. The Mayflower was a late comer… Bjarni’s boat, now that one was a handful! 🙂


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