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  • Girlie Bear begins one of her summer volunteer jobs this week, in which she will be assisting in the Louisville Zoo’s black-footed ferret program.  She likes to joke that she gets to work with her BFF all day.  Unfortunately, she is not allowed to give the fuzzy little varmints pat-pats, because they can’t be allowed to get used to attention from humans.  She, being a teenage girl, feels a little disappointment at that.
    • She describes baby ferrets, by the way, as ‘fuzzy little pink erasers’.
  • Boo begins a week of “LEGO” camp at the zoo, which as far as I can tell, involves 3 hours a day of playing with LEGO’s, 3 hours of walking around the zoo, and an hour of doing something that keeps his counselors from jumping into the tiger exhibit.
  • Irish Woman and I had another of our “Green goes with green, darn it!” disagreements this morning.  I guess this is why she buys all of Boo’s clothing, not me.
  • Irish Woman is summoning dark magic.  She washed her car, parked it under a tree, and watered the lawn, the fruit trees, and the vegetable garden this weekend.  If it doesn’t rain tonight, then we need new dice.
  • It’s a good feeling when you look around your home and say quietly “We need more book shelves.”
  • Boo has reached that stage of summer life where vigorous nightly scrubs are necessary to remove the impression that he is spending his days in a coal mine.
    • For now, normal bar soap and a washcloth are working.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t have to graduate up to Simple Green and a .50 chamber brush by the time school rolls back around.


  1. Sounds like a typical summer day with kids…LOL


  2. My mom threatened to use rig soap.


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