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  • I worked from home today so that I could be handy to fetch Girlie Bear when she got back from camp.  As background noise, I queued up “Planet Earth”, which is one of my favorite natural documentary series.
    • There is one scene where the film shows tall, swirling columns rising from a lake in Africa.  What looks like smoke, Sir David Attenborough assured me, was really millions upon millions of flies mating.  That’s right, children, today I watched flies fornicate and found it interesting.
    • Another favorite was the cave ecosystem based on the constant rain of bat droppings from the ceiling, including millions of cockroaches, centipedes, crabs, and other creepy crawlies.  Yes, it was a tiny little world built on crap.
  • Timmy, our mentally challenged outdoor cat, seems to have decided that dry cat food just isn’t for him.  We let him go for a few weeks, but after we saw him spitting out what kibble he would take, and noticed that he’s down several pound, we decided to try wet food with him.  Of course, that meant it was Mortal Kombat trying to keep Crash and Koshka out of it.
    • It’s like having a small herd of toddlers around here, I swear.
    • Yes, I checked his teeth and mouth, as did the vet when he went there two months ago.  Everything that should be there was there, and nothing that shouldn’t be.
    • He ate the whole can in one sitting.  Guess he was hungry.
  • Girlie Bear returned from JROTC camp with rope burned hands, a sunburned neck, and horror stories of cleaning a female latrine.
  • It is never a good idea to tell horror stories about cleaning a female latrine while trying to walk through the produce section of a grocery store.  I had to rather firmly ask her to drop the subject.
  • Girlie Bear met a young woman at camp who is going to the university she wants to go to, who is in the ROTC program she wants to join, and is in the degree program she wants.  I hope she interrogated the young lady like she knew where the stolen atomic secrets were.
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  1. Good on the last one! Knowledge IS power! 🙂


  2. They don’t use gloves???


  3. Doc H

     /  June 14, 2015

    But… is moonshine happy to have Girlie bear back?


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