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  • I may not know much about a lot of things, but I know a lot of people who know more.
  • How can one small boy get so much dirt on him?  How?  His shoes changed color today, for heaven’s sake!
  • When your son comes home from day camp with a bruise on his shin that causes you to call in your spouse to see it, then just shrugs it off and says “I bumped into something”, you know he had an active day.
  • I started to get angry this morning about something at work, then I reminded myself that in six months, nobody will remember, much less care, and suddenly I felt better.
  • I hope the NRA plans on bringing in some good food vendors for lunch at next year’s NRAAM, because as you can see, there is diddly over squat to eat at the Kentucky Exposition Center, nothing within realistic walking distance, and you may have to pay to get back into the parking lot.
  • Girlie Bear and Moonshine are going to have to spend some quality time together after she gets back from camp.  That dog has gone from “Where’s my girl?” to “She’s never coming back.” to “My life is a festering pool of gray, highlighted by the pain and weight of being”


  1. I’m glad my boss lets me bring my dog to work, ’cause that’s what she does when she’s left alone, plus the next stage which turns into manic destruction.


  2. THOTpolice

     /  June 9, 2015

    Perhaps we can organize a group buy for a delivery food order.


    • Let’s see what we can find out from the NRA on that. It would be awesome if the Kentucky FAA or Stockman’s association put up a food tent or three.


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