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  • It is rarely a good sign when the replacement part has more issues than the original.
  • Being a grown up means that you take a pass on a gun-related class that sounds really interesting so that you can attend graduation parties.
  • I wrote a scene last night, then asked people who knew more then me about the scenario.  Now I’m going back and rewriting the scene.
  • It’s a sad testament to my life when putting tick and flea repellent on the cat was the most exciting thing I did all day.
    • I’m proud to say that I didn’t bleed at all, but it was a near run thing.
  • I love living in the future.  Tonight, I used laundry machines with more computing power than the Apollo spacecraft to wash our clothes, picked out a television program that was cancelled before I was born from a selection of thousands of choices, and watched it on a television that had more surface area than a coffee table.  Now, all I need is a rocket pack and a robot maid who folds the laundry.
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  1. I STILL want my flying car!!! 🙂

    • Ummm, no. I’ve seen how most people drive, and I don’t want to give them wings.

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