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  • During his latest installment of “Hardcore History“, Dan Carlin apologizes for using the term “Middle East”, because apparently it harkens back to a colonial time.  I can see where he comes from, and I support this effort to rid people and places of the stain of colonialism.  From now on, I pledge to forever call the country I live in by its proper, pre-colonial name: South Vinland.
  • I am no longer allowed to use the term “I’m your huckleberry.” when telling someone I will be their point of contact for planned work.
  • Dear paint company – saying “Strip it off and start over” is not an acceptable solution to the problem of your non-oil-based deck stain not being dry after 96 hours.  “We apologize and here are gift certificates to the hardware store to rent and/orpurchase a method to strip the deck and redo your porch” is the correct answer.
    • It’s amazing how quickly “We need to redo this right now” becomes “Screw it, we’ll do it in the fall” when the temperature approaches 90.
    • When I finally do my coat of arms, the motto will probably be “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth re-doing”.
  • It is exceedingly difficult to diagnose a server problem when someone on another ssh shell accidentally finds reboot in their command history and executes it.
    • For you non-geeks out there, imagine you’re elbows deep in a toilet, trying to diagnose an issue, and somebody keeps flushing it.
  • Someday I need to read the Aeneid in the original Vulcan.
  • Boo lost another tooth tonight.  If he keeps this up, all our vacation pictures this summer are going to look like he did 15 rounds with Leon Spinks.
  • There is a demonstrable relationship to the amount of banana pudding I eat after dinner and how early I need to go to bed.
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  1. Sounds like another beatings will continue until morale improves week… sigh

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