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A Poem by Girlie Bear

Girlie Bear was published in her school’s yearly literature and poetry compilation.  We thought we’d pass on her entry.


Silent Angel

Silent Angel
Weeping and crying
throughout the desolate night.
Although your tears
go virtually unheard,
I know of the pain
your soft glowing halo
has had to bare.
I long to ease and caress your soft, velvety wings
that are now crusted
with the impurities
of your young life.

Oh how I wish
that the listening ears around you
would not be so deaf
that the all-knowing eyes
would not be so blind
to the obvious signs
that are staring them
right in the face
through the eyes of the Silent Angel.

Her cursed wings spread out
to protect he ones she lives.
Everyday, painting on emotions
to hide what is happening
in her dreadful abode.
Everyday I, the plaintive sparrow,
watch the Silent Angel
fly around in an act
she knows how to do
all too well,
while inside
her still fresh wounds
fester in agony
with almost no hope
of ever getting better.

Although seemingly immortal,
what would you think
when she finally does fall
into the depths of Hell?
What have you done
to ease her descent?
Will you be able to
answer to the corpse
of the Silent Angel?

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  1. WOZ

     /  April 28, 2015

    An observant sparrow you have for a daughter.

  2. Is she ok?

  3. Very well done, and deep thoughts.

  4. Sendarius

     /  April 28, 2015

    Hate to nitpick, but is “… halo has had to bare” in the first stanza meant to be “… halo has had to bear”?

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