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  • It must have been a long, difficult winter in Kentucky.  The zoo was packed with pregnant women and newborn babies.
  • If you’re under 50 years old, riding a mobility scooter, and puffing on an e-cigarette, you give up the right to tell other people that they’re making life hard for you.
  • When the puma is watching every move your little girl makes outside his cage, it’s not because he thinks she’s cute.
  • Penelope the Porcupine with the prehensile tail was feeling particularly pensive this past PM.
  • Juvenile vampire bats are kind of cute.  Juvenile meerkats are adorable.  Baby naked mole rats?  Not so much.
  • Apparently “I just want a piece of pizza” means “I want a piece of pizza, a piece of fruit, some of mom’s chips, part of mom’s burger, a packet of fruit snacks, half a liter of orange juice, and Dad, can we stop for ice cream?”
  • There were roving packs of sorority girls at the zoo today.  Apparently it was “Remind DaddyBear why he didn’t go directly to college” day at the Louisville Zoo.
  • Further investigation confirmed that the red mark on Girlie Bear’s neck was, in fact, a bee sting, as she calmly explained to me when I asked what young man had volunteered to star in the next Cold Steel video as a target.
  • Grilled scallops, shrimp, and tuna are a wonderful way to end the day.  They also do an excellent job of getting your cat to tell you that she still loves you.
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  1. LOL, a good day in other words… 🙂

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