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  • Head Cold Bingo Game – Watch Futurama.  Every time an obscure science or science fiction reference is made, take a shot of green death NyQuil.  Continue until the cartoon looks three dimensional, then take a nap.
  • I’m currently working my way through my spring head cold.  For those of you who are spared this experience, imagine having a steady trickle of warm jello down the back of your throat, while little elves apply pressure to your joints, and your sense of taste takes a vacation to a gutter in Tegucigalpa.
  • I better get extra life points for being polite while another adult let their child lose his damned mind in the waiting room this afternoon.  Seriously, when did it become unfashionable to teach children to sit quietly when out in public?
  • I know I don’t feel well when I refuse to get into an online discussion about science fiction because I just don’t give enough of a damn right now.
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. MaddMedic

     /  March 21, 2015

    I feel your pain….Been over a week now…Want to feel better….Soon…

  2. Ouch. Hope the recovery happens quickly and Boo doesn’t catch it!

  3. auntiejl

     /  March 23, 2015

    We just had the body-aches-and-fever flu rip through our house. Hubs first, then kids, finally me (tempered by the prescription pain meds—and held off by the steroid taper—for my cranky ankle). I’m sorry you’re so sick. Hope you feel better soon, and that you keep your germs to yourself.

    Two chocolate chip cookies, and call me in the morning. (Standard prescription.)

  4. I have had good success by asking “Madam, does your child require oiling? It squeaks.”

    This can work on one of two levels;

    If the mother is sensible enough to recognize a joke, it can give the little hellion something to worry about. They’ve come to the negative attention of a large male stranger; probably not good. Sometimes, especially in a doctor’s office, the mother is simply at the frayed end of her last bit of string.


    If the mother (far likelier) DOESN’T recognize a joke, then she has a reason to shush the child; a weirdo has taken an interest in her spawn.

    Every once in a while I get one which so little sense she appeals to authority to Do Something about me. To date, not one authority figure has had any problem with “Hell, I thought I could distract the brat.” Most of them have taken the mother to task for not housebreaking her yard ape.

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