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  • My requirements for a set of headphoneshave been updated to include:
    • Rugged
    • Comfortable
    • Decent Sound Quality
    • Good range (If wireless)
    • Loud enough for an audiobook or podcast to drown out my co-workers.
  • I reserved my room for the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville.  I must love Kentucky enough to drive back across the state line to get to my hotel room every night.
    • Knowing enough about Nashville and parts of it that are less than savory kept me from staying at a Roach Motel in the bad part of town, no matter how many stars it has.
  • You know it’s been a bad day when you spend time designing a bar that would fit into the spare cubicle in your row.
    • Two beer kegs, a fridge and ice maker, and several shops for liquor.  Would make my life a lot better.
  • Went to a town hall meeting with Congressman Massie tonight.
    • I never thought my congressman would be more cynical about government than I am.
    • Quote of the night “If you like your pension, you can keep your pension.” – Congressman Massie, when talking about the negotiations he is having over his bill to reform congressional retirement plans.
    • Congressman Massie suggests that you call your Senators and Representatives if you want your wishes to be heard loud and clear.  Snail mail takes up to 3 weeks to get to him.  Email gets drowned out in automailers and spam.  He says that if he notices that all his staff is doing is answering the phone about a subject, it gets his attention.
    • The Congressman talked a lot about how Washington works.  I didn’t come away depressed, but I did have to shake my head on many occasions tonight to make sure I wasn’t having a nightmare.
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  1. Expanding the bar from the fifth in the bottom drawer eh?

  2. 1) Congressman Massie Town Hall should have been a separate post. Just sayin’. And where do I get a congresscritter like that?
    2) Apparently, at Ft Meade if one were to sneak down a floor to the Navy floor, I mean “deck”, they had beer in the pop machines.
    3) NRAAM: We’re staying at a place affiliated with our Time Share about 2-3 blocks from the convention center.
    a) Never spent more time in Nashville than it took to get from the airport to elsewhere, and
    b) I’m, from Detroit, so
    c) My perception of “the bad part of town ” is skewed, leading to
    d) How strict is the rumored ban on concealed carry in the convention center?

  3. NRA posted on Facebook today that permitted carry is legal in the convention center. Not in the hall where Alan Jackson and, um, wossname, “Here’s your sign” guy, are entertaining Saturday night.

    It’s noted in a small blurb on the NRAAM web page.

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