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  • I had a hard time convincing Irish Woman that “Put your ass behind the shovel and give that snow a push” was a verse from a popular Norwegian love song.
  • Irish Woman also did not care for me telling her that I promised to take her to Florida this summer, but I never promised to bring her back.
  • It would appear that several hundred automobiles, including over 200 trucks, were stranded on the interstate about 30 miles south of Louisville, because apparently in this age of Internet weather pages, cellular communications, and a motel or truck stop at every exit between Nashville and Louisville, nobody thought it would be a good idea to find somewhere to hole up for a day or so.
    • One of them appears to be the wife of race baiter social activist Jesse Jackson, who is pitching a fit that nobody put their own life in danger to come out and make sure she didn’t suffer from the consequences of her own actions.
    • That’s OK, y’all.  The National Guard didn’t have anything better to do today, anyway.
  • There’s something to be said for a hot cup of coffee and a roaring fire on a cold day.
  • You wouldn’t think that a 16 inch tall dog would enjoy 15 inches of snow, but then you’d be wrong.  I thought I’d never get Derby out of the back yard.
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  1. So, the Korean equivalent of our Thanksgiving is called ChuSok. It is traditional to visit the ancestral graves, clean them up and do light maintenance, and have a family picnic at Gramma and Grampa’s grave. (Drives Americans insane to watch little kids playing on and around Gramma and Grampa’s grave mounds, but never mind…)

    When personal automobiles and super highways started becoming common, they started having problems with people’s car dying and blocking traffic.

    The ROK Army started using this as a training opportunity, airlifting your car out and clearing the jam.

    And charging you for full blade time.

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