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  • It is a good sign, when doing research, when you go to find a highlighter while reading the introductory chapter of a new book.
  • There are few things about modern civilization that are worth more than anesthesia and a gentle ophthalmologist.
  • Boo seems to be disappointed that I will not need a pirate’s eye patch.
  • Apparently telling the nurse the exact address of my pharmacy does not necessarily preclude her from calling a prescription into the pharmacy 8 miles further down the road.
  • After today’s snow day, Girlie Bear will be going to school into June.  At this rate, our vacation over the Independence Day weekend may be in danger.
  • I swear that I am going to find the spell to raise the dead, then bring back Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, and Hank Williams, and send them all to whoop the ass of the program manager who thinks that Garth Brooks is classic country.  For bonus, I’m going to have Minnie Pearl come back and make him a nice meal so she can sit him down and give him the ass chewing that only a Southern woman can deliver.
    • Here’s a hint – If your ‘country’ has a guitar solo or synthesizers that sounds like it would have been played on a Top 40 station in 1985, then you need to take off those boots and hat, pilgrim.
  • Meteorologists – If you’re broadcasting on a local television station, I don’t give a damn about what the weather looks like 200 miles away from here, unless that weather is going to be here in the next 24 hours.  Try zooming into the local area so that I can see a 50 by 50 mile area for most of your weather report.  It might actually be useful.  Also, putting a couple of landmarks on your 17 color, computer enhanced, predictive satellite picture wouldn’t hurt either.  Or maybe, you could just put up a piece of plexiglass and draw on it with a grease pencil, which would give me about the same amount of useful information.


  1. Sounds like the local Wx guy is a powerpoint ranger…

  2. jon spencer

     /  March 6, 2015

    If you want some old, some very old and good county it is here, http://wfxd.com/elmer/

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