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  • It takes a particularly evil woman to use up just enough hot water that it runs out while her husband is taking a shower, but leave enough that he gets all sudsed up before it runs out.
  • We’re not even going to talk about a wife drying her hair while he’s in the shower and laughing maniacally.
  • Saying the phrase “Get your bangs out of your face or I’ll get my KaBar out and cut them off myself.” might not be the most supportive thing I’ve ever said to my daughter.
  • I wanted to buy a sound bar speaker system for the living room and a chest freezer for the basement. Irish Woman wanted to buy an upright freezer for the basement.  The options are almost equal in cost.  We compromised and bought an upright freezer for the basement.
  • Is it wrong that there is a high-end fish restaurant right next to the aquarium?  I chickened out and took Irish Woman and Boo to the grilled cheese cafe instead.
  • Today, I paid for a brand new Glock 19, complete with custom made leather holster.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to be delivered until Friday, has Frigidaire on the front of it, and it will sit in my basement for the next decade or so.
  • If you don’t want to answer my question, don’t ask me if you can help me when you see me wandering around your plumbing department.
  • Last night, Irish Woman and I went out on a date.  That is, we went grocery shopping and then grabbed a quick meal at the little Chinese restaurant up the street.
    • I’m such a romantic devil.
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  1. Is it wrong that there is a high-end fish restaurant right next to the aquarium?

    My Town used to have a Chinese restaurant right next to a small animal clinic. And by “right next to” I mean “shared a common wall”.

    The restaurant is still there, but the clinic is gone. I’m not sure if that says anything, or not.


  2. Welcome to married life… AGAIN… 🙂


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