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  • If I’ve been rude or mean to you today, I will try to do better in the future.  If I haven’t, take a number and I’ll get to you eventually.
  • I woke up in a mood today.  Of course, I wake up in a mood every morning.  Some days it’s “I love my fellow human beings and hope the best for each and every one of God’s children.”  Today it was more “I prayed for the return of vengeful elder gods last night before I went to sleep, and I was sorely disappointed when I woke up.”
  • If you ask me to buy you a sunshine lamp so that you don’t get depressed when Mister Sun doesn’t peek out from under his covers until 8:30 AM, you have no business hissing like The Bride of Frankenstein when I turn it on at 6:15 AM.
  • If I make a special trip to your building so that I, along with other people, can discuss scheduling work with you, the least you can do is get up out of your first floor office chair and come up to the second floor meeting room.
    • Dialing into the conference bridge that was set up so that those who couldn’t get to your site can join in is rude.
    • Getting irritated because all of the moving parts of what needs to be done was confusing you and you couldn’t figure it out in your head from the sound of my voice was just the cherry on top of a treacle and rancid ginger sundae.
  • You can either be in charge, or you can shut your piehole and work.  You don’t get to act like you’re in charge until it’s time to make a decision, then whine that everyone looks to you to make it.
  • I am no longer allowed to answer the question of “Where did the cost estimate for this initiative come from?” with “It was a number autofilled on your #!$@ webform after I put down the number of hours it will take for me to do the work.”
  • I have it on good authority that Lorica Squamata would make a great name for an ’80’s British new-wave boyish band.
  • Note to self – Do not attempt to read “Fox in Socks” to a tired six year old unless you’ve already had your post-dinner coffee.
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  1. Damn, were we in the same meeting??? sigh…


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