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Bad Things Come From Bad Decisions

If you carry a weapon as part of your day-to-day habits, please think about why you do it.  I carry because bad things happen, and I want the best tools I can get to help me achieve my goal of getting home safe.  Maybe you carry because you have an active reason to fear for your life.  Maybe you just do it because that lump of metal and plastic on your belt just feels right.  Maybe you carry for another reason, or maybe it’s all of the above.

But do you carry because you’re going to go out and hunt down those who have wronged you and yours?  Should we go out looking for trouble?

Last week, a young man in Las Vegas made that decision, and a very bad thing happened.  It appears that his mother and sister were involved in a road rage incident on the way home from a driving lesson, and when they got home, the mother got her son and his gun, and they went out to find the man who frightened her.  Somehow, a shooting occurred, and a third party shot the mother in the head.  She died on Saturday after life support was removed.

Was her son responsible for her death?  Absolutely not.  The person who shot her is responsible, and I hope that the authorities find him and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

But bad things come from bad decisions.

We do not arm ourselves to enforce the law, nor do we do it to apprehend bad people.  Our weapons are not there to help us in our anger.  They are there so that we may defend ourselves in that moment when we or those we love are in danger.  The difference between a good decision and a bad decision can be measured in seconds, and going to get someone with a gun, and someone with a gun going along, when we want to hunt down those who have wronged us, is absolutely a bad decision.

Use your weapons to survive the bad moments, but use your eyes and ears to be good witnesses for the police and prosecutors.  Don’t use them to try to do their job for them.

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  1. That is a truly sad story. Had she let it go, she’d probably still be alive. And you’re exactly right!

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