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News Roundup

  • From the “Multitasking” Department – Investigators suspect that the taking of photographs during takeoff likely contributed to the crash of a small airplane.  The pilot and passenger of the aircraft were killed in the crash.   Investigators found evidence that “selfies” and other photographs were taken during a night-time take-off, and the flash from the camera might have disoriented the pilot, contributing to the events that led to the crash.  There’s a lesson here for us gun people as well:  when you’re doing something that ought to require your full attention, pay attention to what you’re doing.  When you’re shooting, think about shooting.  When you’re holstering, concentrate on safely holstering.  The same can be said for loading magazines, reloading ammunition, or whatever else we do.  Adding distractions like photography during shooting requires even more vigilance, lest our desire to look good or have fun get in the way of safety.
  • From the “Dammit!” Department – Recently, there have been multiple incidents of children getting their hands on firearms and harming either themselves or others.  In New Mexico, a child pulled a gun out of a purse and shot both his parents, while a boy in Florida shot his sleeping mother.  Say it with me, brothers and sisters:  When the gun is not in your direct control, it needs to be locked away from little hands.  Additionally, children need to be taught the Eddie Eagle rules:  Stop!  Don’t touch! Leave the area.  Tell an adult.  The anti-rights crowd has enough clubs with which to smack us.  We need to stop making this one easy to use.
  • From the “Politics As Usual” Department – The governor of Oregon is in a bit of a pickle.  You see, his fiance was lucky enough to land a job lobbying the state while at the same time acting as his first lady.  This would be kind of like Mrs. Obama drawing a $118,000 per year salary from a company that sells corn dogs and brown bananas while advising her husband on the evils of school lunches.  The governor, of course, denies that any hanky panky happened, and I certainly hope that he is being truthful.  It would be shocking for someone to bring discredit upon the hallowed calling of politics.
  • From the “Watching the Watchers” Department – A Philadelphia man is suing the TSA, claiming that he was arrested and held for 20 hours for having the audacity to complain about poor treatment.  It seems that the gentleman was traveling with a watch and some nutrition bars in his carry-on, and after a while, got tired of waiting for the Uncle Badtouch to remove his blue thumb out of his blue posterior.  The TSA supervisor apparently didn’t like having his authority questioned, because he had the man arrested for making threats and being belligerent.  Fortunately for the traveler, nobody thought to lose the video evidence of the incident, which shows him being pretty calm about the whole thing, and the charges got tossed.  Now, he’s trying to get damages out of the government for his ordeal.  I wish him luck.
  • From the “And the Horse You Rode In On” Department – The Veteran Affairs secretary got a little snippy with a member of Congress the other day while the two were verbally tussling over a VA hospital in Denver.  Secretary McDonald apparently got impatient with a congressman having the audacity to demand answers on cost and time overruns at a major project and asked Congressman “I ran a large company.  What have you done?”.  Here’s a hint to cabinet secretaries:  Challenging the qualifications of the people who vote on how to fund your department might be a career limiting action.
  • From the “Good News” Department – A federal judge has declared that the part of the GCA ’68 that prohibits people from one state buying a handgun in another state without doing an FFL transfer is unconstitutional.  Gun buyers are able to buy long guns in other states.  Everyone needs to stop dancing in the streets over this, at least for now.  My guess is that this will be appealed repeatedly, and we won’t get final word for years.  It’s a good first step, though.
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