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  • It’s never a good thing when you look up at the roof of your home and go “Huh, that doesn’t look right.”
    • In related news, a new chimney cap can cost anywhere from $30 to $60, and should require about an hour of my time to replace.
    • By the way, did you all know that chimney caps are kept in plumbing at Big Box Hardware Store, not with the roofing materials?  Also, did you know that Big Box Hardware Store puts plumbing and roofing in opposite corners in their stores?  And that you have to pass through or by the expensive kitchen displays you were trying to avoid to get there?
  • Boo is lucky that his mother is of Irish descent, not Hispanic, because he had a La Choncla moment this morning.
    • However, I am proud to report that he has mastered the manly arts of growling at females, muttering under his breath, and stomping off when corrected.
  • Drinking a bottle of red wine before, during, and after dinner makes you appreciate spell check.
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  1. ZerCool

     /  February 9, 2015

    Eddie Murphy covered La chancla in his Delirious routine. Comedy gold, NSFW language.

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