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  • The third time I try to be friendly with you and get rebuffed, I fall back on instinct and become a bit of a jerk.  For really unfriendly people, I make it a personal goal to have them leave in a worse mood than me.
  • I discovered tonight that the easiest way to get excused from watching people on TV knock down walls is to make up detailed back stories of how they make the money needed to knock down walls so that new walls can be built.  I give myself bonus points based on how sick and twisted these stories were.
  • Vicious circle – When you get your dog a  silicone duck toy, it quacks when she bites down on it, she growls and bites it harder, and it quacks again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.
  • In health news, I gained weight over Christmas, am officially under medical advisement to stop being such a lazy slob, and have already done most of the things my doctor suggested.
  • In related news, my doctor didn’t seem to think it was cute when I told her that dying of stubbornness was a good way to go.
    • She got her revenge by insisting that I needed a vitamin B12 shot in my rump, with follow-up shots every month until this summer.
  • I’ve had “All Along the Watchtower” running through my head all day.  I swear I’m not a Cylon.
  • Koshka had a rough day.
    • She got to spend half an hour in the truck on the way to the vet.
    • She got left at the vet all day.
    • She got poked, prodded, shaved, and cut on.
    • Now, she’s home, resting comfortably, and Girlie Bear is hand feeding her pieces of Italian meatballs.
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  1. Girlie Bear

     /  February 5, 2015

    No body appreciates Koshka like I do. You are just jelous of how beautiful she is.

  2. LOL, GB put you in YOUR place didn’t she… 🙂

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