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Movie Quotes – Day 356

Fine! Then go ahead and *starve!* If she doesn’t eat with me, then she doesn’t eat at all! — Beauty and the Beast

I’ve never said that I’m an easy man to live with.  To be honest, the fact that Irish Woman hasn’t kicked me to the curb over the past decade and a half in general, and in the last week or two in particular, is just a sign of her strength and forgiving nature.  I go from grumpy, to growly, to downright outrageous, and for the most part, she keeps her calm, sweet demeanor. Occasionally she bites me in the ass, reminds me of who I am and, more importantly, who she is, and things get back to as close to normal as they get in our house.

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  1. At least for YOUR definition of normal, right? 🙂

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